SAP Hosting Calculator

Use our simple, easy-to-use SAP Hosting Calculator to determine the costs of hosting your SAP landscape with us on the AWS platform.

Compute: Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud

An EC2 instance is required to provide CPU, memory and networking resources. You will need at least one EC2 instance for each server you need to run. Required servers include a pair of domain controllers and at least one SAP server. You will need additional instances if you want to run a three-tier setup for production, if you want to use SQL Server Log Shipping for DR purposes, if you want us to host Solution Manager for you (you must have one somewhere, although this may be with your VAR), for a SAProuter, for a Web Dispatcher server and for Apache servers if you want additional TLS security beyond SAP's standard provisions for serving public websites and web services.

Networking: Amazon Virtual Private Cloud

VPC is required to provide the basis for communication with and between your SAP servers. It also provides the ability to give you an always-on IPSec VPN tunnel to your private network on AWS, which is recommended.

Storage: Amazon Elastic Block Store

EBS volumes provide the storage for your SAP servers.

Backup: Amazon Simple Storage Services

S3 provides the snapshot storage for your backups for your AWS-hosted SAP servers.

Support: Amazon Web Services Business Support

AWS Business Support is an SAP requirement for hosting your SAP servers on AWS.


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